October 2019:  Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association article: An Anaerobic digester should be in every school

Charlotte Moreton is the CEO, and one of our supporters.

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AD & Bioresources News, Autumn 2019

One of the overlooked benefits of AD is its power to educate as a concrete example of the circular economy in action. Jon Hughes reports.

When the public get the opportunity to see an anerobic digester they are blown away by the technology’s capability, to magically turn organic waste into energy and fertiliser.

That much was apparent when a 1m3 micro-digester was unveiled recently in Tower Hamlets, east London. The event drew an enthusiastic crowd of over 150 people.

The AD facility has been developed by the architecture firm Public Works, which is part of the R-urban network, a pan-european movement that seeks to build community resilience in response to issues such as climate change, resource depletion and austerity.

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AD & Bioresources News, Autumn 2019